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And did the government shut it down? (The Star Gate Project). One little girl had a very unusual friend growing up. Their killer refuses to say where they are buried. (The Missing Victims of Richard Grissom).

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Eh pernah deng sekali potong pendek sebahu pas lagi jaman kuliah, abis itu panjang lagi. Sampai, setahun lalu, pas masuk kantor abis cuti lahiran, saya potong lagi rambut saya sampai di atas bahu. Mulai saat itu, rambut saya pendek sampai sekarang. Pernah udah mulai panjang, saya potong pendek lagi. Itu juga udah mikir seribu kali buat potong pendek.


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Adam Driver isn't excited, exciting, or very excitable. Heart disease is one of the primary causes of death in the United States. It makes sense that McDonalds would like to bring to mind those golden days when it's mere existence wasn't a global force of death and suffering. As a character study, Michael Keaton does a great job conveying his arc. Starting as a good-natured but unsuccessful salesman who's over the hill, he eventually becomes a shrewd cutthroat burger mogul who will smile and connive his way into getting anything (or anyone) he wants.


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I could see all of those fights happening, and then Dany swooping in at the end to start burninating whoever happened to win. We all knew he was coming back, because of Ian McShane. Also, I'm guessing Ian McShane's character had a lot more episodes, but after he blabbed, they just cut to the hanging. I don't think it is, but I have nothing to base that on. Also, whoever was forging that nail needs to take some lessons.


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I also wanted a RGBCYW projector to evaluate that technology for myself. It was a great projector and at 110” image worked fine as would the 7828 IMO. I got the 5555 as a stop gap projector allowing just what happened the 1080 RGBRGB to drop in price. IMO I’m giving the edge to RGBRGB over RGBCYW as these projectors are designed. I still feel the non RGB colors could have a place in color making and the trend is smaller segments of the non RGB’s.