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I love to read so I'm open to great book suggestions. I'm not a great writer but I do love to jot down quotes, lyrics, poems, anything that just touches my soul. I love reading others' letters and understand that I am not alone, and that other people feel the same. Talking more about myself, I'm Italian and this is my second year speaking English and even though I'm afraid to be grammatically wrong I'm giving myself a chance. If there are any corrections to make to my poems you are welcome to tell me.

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This could be the point where his masterplan backfires and Sansa decides to side with her brother and kill LF instead. Not sure if it makes sense since bringing a “true” Baratheon heir back would not lead to Margaery and Loras being released by the Faith. But after re-watching season 1 I realized that it was LF who led Ned Stark to Gendry. So he probably has some knowledge about Robert’s bastards. If Gendry came ashore in the Vale and LF somehow found him, could he use him to bring the Lannister’s reign to an end by introducing Robert’s true son as proof that Tommen is no real Baratheon.


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Nelson ’s hands shook as she opened it. “I too have had things in my past that were traumatic enough to cause me to hate others, ” he wrote. After his trial, Gillespie remained an avid neo-Nazi. White supremacists across the country considered him a prisoner of war and sent him letters of support and gifts. He accrued racist tattoos including a Nazi symbol on his chin and black Doc Martens boots - a skinhead calling card - on each side of his face, like mutton chop sideburns.


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