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While we recognize that past performance is no guarantee of future results, KIE’s concentrated allocation of capital to the insurance industry has led to outperformance relative to the Financials sector (XLF) over the past one, three, five and ten-year periods. KIE has also outperformed the broader market (SPY) over the past one, three and five-year periods, while lagging by The amount of outperformance required by KIE’s management fees (above the XLF benchmark) is a minimal hurdle that has been surpassed by the KIE over the past decade. Based on the annualized monthly returns reflected in Figure 4, KIE has beaten its XLF benchmark by nearly 6% annually. We note that all Financials sector stocks, including insurance, have underperformed the SPY year-to-date. However, with the market again making new highs, interest rates rising, and the “reflation” trade back on, we view the YTD underperformance of the KIE as a buying opportunity. The Importance of Holdings Based Fund Analysis Investors have many options when looking to invest in Financials sector ETFs and mutual funds. There is middle ground between a high-cost, actively managed mutual fund and the lowest cost passive ETF option.

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is written and directed by John Hamburg, and is rated R for strong language and sexual material. This is a movie that flounders away countless opportunities to be something more than just toilet humor, but gladly settles for that distinction around every corner. As far as Christmas comedies go, this was one of the very worst that I have ever seen, joining a bronze ranking alongside travesties like “Jack and Jill” and “Christmas Vacation 2”. At 105 minutes, the movie is simply too long to ever get fluently moving. Evidence even suggests that this movie has a longer cut sitting around somewhere because most of the best lines from the trailer don’t exist in this final cut. Instead, we are subjected to a story that is every bit as predictable as it is raunchily bland on humor thrills. My theater, which was half full, was mostly dead on reactions for the entirety of this film, a signal that some people have had enough with this brand of humor.

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I just played a game where I got an S, but a team-mate who clearly did better in all metrics got an S-. So let's say there's this person that was born a girl. She grew up playing sports, video games, getting in fights. Her body looks like brad pit and has manly facial structure. With pear shape you won't see it as prevalent is my estimate. That kid definitely sits in the back-corner windows seat LUL. I would call them a guy but biologically they wouldn't be.

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Although, now that I think about it, there have been a lot of news stories of large groups of people being freed from some crazy kidnapping shit. My husband has read a bunch though and told me that the movies are always bad versions of the books because they miss a lot of explanation. Holy fuck does this movie have a lot that feels random and I just need to accept. Dick biting lamprey creatures, the greys, psychic powers that might as well be the Shining, Morgan Freeman, Morgan Freeman's giant eyebrows, mind libraries, neurodiverse individuals with greater psychic powers, Jason Lee. Dreamcatcher has a group of friends that all share some form of psychic connection. We find out that these are gifted to them by Dudits, the neurodiverse boy they rescue from some teenage assholes in a really uncomfortable scene. When the group is getting together for one of their planned Winter cabin bro-outs the animals all start running away and then a dick biting lamprey comes out of some stranger's butt.

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It is optimised for microphones, but is also suitable for use as a DI box for instrument pickups, or electronic sources. The unit has two independently adjustable channels, with a switch selectable, in -built M -S decoder linking them if required. Paintpot should provide the ultimate in performance for purist recording. Construction Paintpot is formed of two vertical extrusions supporting top and bottom panels, all of double anodised aluminium. The panels are finished in gold with blue lettering, easy to read P 0 T OF GOL The Crookwood mic preamp takes its styling from a pot of paint and high in contrast -should be good in low light conditions. Most controls are on the top panel, supported on a fibreglass PCB, mounted in parallel behind it. Mounted vertically within the unit, a pair of PCBs provide the input amplifiers and attenuators on one side of the housing, while a third contains the output amplifiers which are screwed to the vertical extrusions as a heatsink.

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om. Publish your tap lists and events directly to Untappd. Shape of Water. If that was the best movie of last year I’m glad I didn’t waste my time watching movies. First time drinking a beer in a move theatre. I like it. Big chocolate bomb.