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The reveal of what Hodor's name means is heartbreaking. ntil you find out how much it screwed over every single foreign language dub team as they had been using the name the whole time with no idea that they would have to make it a mashed up phrase. Most hilarious response regarding the episode is the official Twitter account of Iron Fist giving their condolences to the Tyrells. Kit Harington instinctively moving to cover his (already covered) junk when Carice Van Houten removes his blanket. The Emmys 2016 opening has Jimmy Kimmel getting late for the awards show. After getting entangled with the shenanigans of the nominees, he prays to the heavens (okay, it's Oprah) for a way to get to the show on time.

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We pay tribute to one of our favorite bands, Faith No More by discussing our favorite songs, when we first heard them and by discussing t. No, really we do. Our featured review is the upcoming release from Artsploitation Films, the mindbending Germa. We interview Evil Presly from The Independents and Val Knox from Black Cat Attack. We discuss their upcoming tour together, how horror has influenced their. This landmark show is the one where one guest put the entire panel of hosts in their place, one insult at a time.

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The Airport is Apple's own brand of router, which acts as access point to connect wireless devices Apple currently sells three wireless routers, the AirPort Express, AirPort Extreme, and AirPort Time capsule. A previous version was also designed to give speakers wireless music capabilities. Earlier this year Apple also stopped making its own external monitors, announcing a deal to sell high-resolution screens for professional users with LG instead. The move comes as Google prepares to launch its new wireless router, called Google Wifi. It uses a wireless technology called mesh networks to spread Wi-Fi internet signals more evenly around homes. Google bills the system as an alternative to existing bulkier wireless routers, pitting the search giant against a crop of startups trying to grab their own piece of the market.

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Here is what I know: The movie is definitely before 2007. There is something to do with the army, as the movie takes place in the barracks, or training camp. First scene I remember: Soldiers are standing in line in the barracks (outside) and an officer is yelling or talking to them. One for some reason the officer tries to break one of the soldiers' sword over his leg, but instead he cuts his leg off. I know this seems very strange and it is, I have tried to find this movie for years out of curiosity, but i haven't. At some point in the movie, they are caught and taken to a laborer.