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. ild cards. hen yes I agree with you Also, (and for the googleth and third time) fan-fiction and adaptation are fundamentally different. A missed opportunity for a Rowan Atkinson cameo. And that just might be my favorite shot in the HP series.

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Or Gendry becomes legitimized so he can shag a little She-Wolf. hat makes more sense. Noah Orakwue Shouldn't he be busy preparing for the White walkers or preventing Littlefinger from stabbing him in the back. LiVeLiKeURdying2 Noah Orakwue because he's attracted to her. ) human nature Noah Orakwue Then why would jon go after dany Noah Orakwue I think the whole dragon pit thing is going to be Dany testing jon to see if he can ride one of her dragons.


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It could kill enemies at 100. 00m range, easily, and had a lot of punch close. You could easily clear the first episode using that shotgun alone (on later episodes you would run out of ammo at some point). The way the controls move, the way the guns work, the way the textures look, the A. .


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Even more than the wall-to-wall vintage tunes, it's the rhythmic banter that whisks around the galaxy. Drax and Star-Lord's uncomfortable backroom chats; Star-Lord and Gamora's Sam-and-Diane banter; Gamora and Nebula's sibling war; Yondu and Rocket's prickly bonding; and Rocket parenting Baby Groot back to adulthood. Great characters can take you anywhere, and in their perfectly enjoyable but pretty basic attempt at blockbusterdom, the Guardians go for a spin. -- MP Share on Facebook Pin it Paramount Pictures 16. Thor (2011) Bringing in classicist Kenneth Branagh to give Marvel's godly hero a canted, Shakespearean touch made perfect sense.


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With his plane heavily damaged and still taking fire from anti-aircraft guns, Jerstad's plane released its bombs before crashing into the target area. His was among five Medals of Honor awarded for the raid. The resulting craters were small, indicating that the rockets were carrying chemical weapons rather than explosives. People with false memories are among those who can beat polygraph machines. Even when confronted by facts, such as DNA evidence, they refuse to believe their memories are wrong.