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Then his cameo, fairly early in the film, was easily one of my favorites (and so adorably 90’s ! . They even made a very small change to this cameo after his death, which made it even more meaningful (you can read about it HERE but it’s obviously a spoiler). The mid-credits scene has me very excited for Endgame (and got a very big reaction from an equally excited audience in my cinema). It’s a bright fucking screen in a dark fucking room. Do you really think that the eyes of everyone sitting behind you don’t immediately go to your goddamn bright screen when you look at your phone. I was seriously looking forward to this one as I thought Joe Cornish’s previous film ( Attack The Block ) was pretty damn great.

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I do, however, care about what you think so tell us what is missing, what should be removed and what your favorite is. From Soho down to Brighton I must have played them all. But I ain't seen nothing like him In any amusement hall. This wonderful poster from 1920 shows brand characters like the Michelin Man riding the Underground (subway). I posted it today because I think it is great looking and because so many of these characters, once so well known, are lost to the public memory. The mission of Cool Kind Kid being to provide children with the tools and social skills in order to end bullying. Sometimes it takes that kind of stamina, focus and belief to breakthrough.


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I liked how he realised, at the end, how crazy the entire thing was. Davos is a good man, he is kind to Mel, after all she, as much as he knows, suffers the same thing as he does, they lost Stannis and Shireen. I also liked that he tried to make Mel have faith in her powers again. He may not like then but he, above anyone else, knows that her powers are real. I never doubted the writers a second, they have never dissapointed me as of yet. A shot of Euron laughing his ass off would’ve brought that scene down to Dorne-level for me. It was all so sudden, and then they played that modern “Bear and the Maiden Fair” cover.


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The issues run from 1885 to 1896, and the scans have been done with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for text, and the artwork is somewhat muddy in places but it's still a great way to see these rare publications. There is a subscription service though, so although three pages are free to look at when you sign up, you'll have to pay for the rest. A character too important to the history of comics to leave in limbo forever. Ignore the doomsayers Why a lukewarm response to the massive floods in Pakistan, has been a question asked in the international media. Such commentaries are not only alarmist but portray Pakistan in a bad light. In doing so, some doomsayers in Pakistan are in the forefront with an agenda of painting the present government in a bad light. At the outset, there is a need to put the record straight: that there is no lukewarm response to appeals made domestically or internationally.


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The CIA-sponsored project in what came to be known as remote viewing was code-named Project Scannate, a term derived from the phrase scanning by coordinate. In 1976 the project graduated from research to applications when it was adopted by a unit of the U. . Armys Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) based at Ft. Meade, Maryland. Although much information about the project remains classied, the remote viewers were reportedly able to achieve upwards of 65 percent accuracy when run against hard espionage targets in the real world. One of the most spectacular of the programs known successes came in 1978, when two SRI-trained remote viewers managed to locate a Soviet TU-22 bomber that had gone down in the African nation of Zaire before the KGB could get to it.


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Did your pool cue? You will want to in this movie. Cast. Title, Newest to System, Release Date, Most Watched. Dicken Titten Logan Labrent, 100. 2 MB, 2, 2, Hardcore, 25. Sheridan, Calli Cox, Zana, Sunrise Adams, Logan Labrent, Catalina, Luna.


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Perhaps with the underwhelming response to content on the film’s Facebook and Twitter page was enough for curators to essentially give up. If a social media campaign decides to commit to a social media platform, that platform should be given as much attention to from curators as the campaign’s more successful platforms. While the type of content posted is similar to that of the film’s Facebook and Twitter page, the lack of content and inconsistent posting times leaves this campaign extension viewed as another missed opportunity. Instagram has become a very popular and powerful social media platform. When looking into other campaigns similar in nature, one can see Instagram’s potential for engaging fans with exclusive content. On September 13 th, the film’s Facebook curators post a GIF promoting the film’s new Snapchat account. The possibilities are endless in terms of what movie-based content the user could receive through a “snap”.