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He likely got caught up in a failed retreat into the woodland areas, which he might have tried to prevent given his aversion to abandoning a fight. Still, going from the middle of an overwhelming battlefield to its dwindling outskirts, and probably having to kill countless enemies in between, is pretty impressive. wounded Stannis managing to kill two Bolton soldiers looking through the aftermath for easy pickings. Both incredibly disturbing and satisfying to watch. efore that, when Arya is in glamour, her high degree of pain tolerance from being given the switch so much is proven when Trant breaks his cane over her head and she doesn't utter a peep or move an inch. hat Arya's actions managed to save the two little girls Trant was beating. After seasons of Arya witnessing countless atrocities and being unable to fight back, despite her natural instinct to protect the most vulnerable (going all the way back to defending Mycah from Joffrey in Season 1 and Harrenhall in Season 2) she takes a villain down and prevents him from hurting more people. his may well be a very unpopular belief, but in a sick, twisted way, Ellaria giving Myrcella the poison kiss of death and finally getting her revenge was awesome.


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I thought I had a good handle on some of the films Webstar typically likes, which made me think he wouldn't like Arrival. Probably the best animation I've seen thus far in a Disney movie. It's been on my Word document for weeks. Mini-reviews: Arrival: Enjoyed the story, the focus on language, the aliens, but the pace was a little slow for me. I think I would've preferred it to focus on the alien's gift of language as a way of uniting us, rather than allowing us to see time in a non-linear way. Also, I wish they would've given Jeremy Renner something more to do. Allied: For me, a case of the trailer not being an accurate portrayal of how the film will play out. The trailer makes it look like a fast-paced suspenseful film filled with action and intrigue.


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We see Hogwarts students marching and Snape standing with a sad face in regards to what he has done to Hogwarts. Then we see the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 logo floating through the clouds and followed by a shot of Dobby's grave. The letter P was elongated and given a different, pointed serif. Also, the film started the trend of colouring the logo in various shades of silver instead of gold (however, it is coloured bronze in some instances). ince the tone of the film transitioned from Light to dark. It is depicted as either made of stone or rusting metal in the films’ title sequences. However in the title sequence for the film, the title uses the old 'P' in 'Potter' as used in the first two films. Order of the Phoenix is also the first to depict the logo as weathered and scratched.