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Not only for Stannis, but Shireen as well. Stannis was faced with the type of choice debated in every Philosophy 101 class, and yes, he made the right one given the information he had. Committing the lesser evil yourself is better than letting the greater evil happen on its own. He reminds me of Harry Truman, who killed hundreds of thousands in order to save millions. She then turns to R’hlorrist religion and is over-the-top and overcompensates in her blind devotion but in the end her matriarchal instinct kicks in as with Karsi when faced with child Wights. But to actually believe it was “the right choice” betrays an extreme utilitarianphilosophy that is deeply disturbing. But that was a serious lore-drop right there, at least as much as the Lyanna-Rhaegar stuff, maybe even bigger. I think that part would have gotten a lot more love from the fans (even the book fans) if it hadn’t been so completely overshadowed. This is decidedly NOT the choice he will be making in the books. Assuming he actually makes this choice, it will be between Shireen and everyone, at least in his reasonably-well-founded beliefs. The book, as you noted, will be more subtle (indeed, it already is on this matter by a wide margin). It’s sacrificing one to maybe potentially save millions because somebody said it would. I want to believe that at least in the books Stannis will remain redeemable, in the show he now seems truly damned.

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Spiritualism spread across the Atlantic and into South America, but its popularity surged in the wake of the Civil War. In 1893, Spiritualism became an official religious denomination, and in 1897, The New York Times reported that Spiritualism had eight million followers worldwide. Spiritualist writer Andrew Jackson Davis even challenged the very idea of hell, asserting that all spirits can enter a blissful “Summerland” in the afterlife. Spiritualists also supported progressive causes, including abolition, temperance and women’s suffrage. Early Spiritualists engaged in a practice called “ alphabet calling,” in which someone rattled off the alphabet until the spirit rapped to indicate a specific letter. This labored method created a demand for more efficient ways of communicating with the dead. French Spiritualist Allan Kardec reported that during an 1853 seance (literally “a sitting” or session talking to spirits), the spirits suggested that the participants stick a pencil through an upside-down basket. This allowed everyone to place their hands on the basket to help the spirits guide the pencil across the paper. The basket evolved into a device called a planchette (from the French planche, meaning board). The pencils were discarded and the planchette was paired with a board with the alphabet written on it. There were numerous models of these “talking boards. Brandon Hodge is the foremost historian of these automatic writing devices, with a private collection of over 200 planchettes, as well as talking boards and other seance apparatus. Helen Peters, a sister-in-law of one of the company’s founders, asked the board what it should be named and received the cryptic answer “Ouija.

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He also mentioned about the historic zoo which is upcoming on the outskirts of Jammu to promote the ecotourism in Jammu to attract the tourists and pilgrims to the winter capital of the state. A number of deputations met Minister for redressal of their personal as well as public problems. Various important issues were highlighted by the delegations which included construction of roads, development of Ponds and Parks in their areas. Deputations from Akhnoor, Kalidhar, Kathua, Samba and from across the region approached the Minister regarding their issues. Minister addressed many problems by telephonically talking to the authorities and issued written instructions for others. Balbir Ram Rattan To reach the target groups at their doorsteps with the schemes meant for their economic empowerment, Jammu and Kashmir Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Backward Classes Development Corporation Limited, in collaboration with the National Safai Karamchari Finance Development Corporation (NSKFDC), organized an awareness camps in Reasi and Katra towns for the benefit of the members of Safai Karamchari community. Vice Chairperson of the Corporation, Balbir Ram Rattan, along with NSKFDC Deputy General Manager, P. . Bhandari Divisional Manager and Gulam Qadir Khatana, interacted with a large gathering of the Safai Karamcharis and highlighted various schemes exclusively launched for their betterment. As far Safai Karamcharis, loans are provided on less interest to set up own income generating units, besides giving incentives to shift from the centuries-old practice of manual work. He asked them to keep pace with the modern era and convert their poverty into progress by taking benefits from the Corporation. P. .

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Based on George Bernard Shaw’s play Pygmalion, My Fair Lady is that rare musical by which all others are measured. The tale of a cockney flower girl transformed into an elegant lady features one of musical theatre’s greatest scores, including: “Wouldn’t It Be Loverly? ” “With a Little Bit of Luck,” “The Rain in Spain,” “I Could Have Danced All Night,” “On the Street Where You Live,” “Get Me to the Church on Time,” and “I’ve Grown Accustomed to Her Face. . New York City is home to some of the world's most renowned museums and now there's a new one coming to town. WE tv's Bridezillas Museum of Natural Hysteria will be housed in a 3,000 sq. ft. street-level storefront at 4 Times Square. Each hour-long episode will follow two hilariously unhinged brides as they hurtle toward the altar. We meet the brides and their grooms, learn their backgrounds, relationship histories, and see how the wedding has taken over their lives. With compelling, can't miss unscripted shows, WE tv's programming is fueled by personalities and relationships filled with purpose and passion. WE tv welcomes everyone and creates an inclusive experience across all platforms: on TV, online, on demand, and social media, embracing how today's digitally savvy, socially engaged audiences connect through content, using it as a catalyst to drive conversation and build community. WE tv is owned and operated by AMC Networks Inc.

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I love you Kels Lewis 9 bulan yang lalu Ouija boards are so freaking dangerous. Don't brag about this it makes all Christians look bad and look like hypocrites. Manga Marcus 10 bulan yang lalu Don’t play this game it’s evil. B Tillie 10 bulan yang lalu i’m a christian too:) kedra001 10 bulan yang lalu just want to say, if you are professing to be a born again Christian, then i really hope you are no longer being involved in this type of occult practice. You were not speaking with ghost, but with evil demonic spirits who were PRETENDING to be ghost or past dead family members. If you know your bible, then you know fallen angels, ie-demonic spirits have been here BEFORE we were. So of course, they are familiar with our world,( the Bible calls them FAMILIAR SPIRITS) with us, and yes even our family members and day to day activities. Again this should not surprise anyone who has read the Bible. It would be good for you to put a disclaimer on this video, that young people or anybody for that matter should not fool around with this. Cooper Maleba 11 bulan yang lalu the key is called a planchette Phenom AL 11 bulan yang lalu. Tadanielle t 11 bulan yang lalu I got chills lol Dime Dog Tahun Yang lalu My mom told me about my aunt's experience with the Ouija board. My aunt was younger than my mom and thought she was a buzzkill, because my mom kept telling her and her friend not to play with it because they went to church and were christian. My mom believed in dark spirits (I do too now) so she thought it was a very bad idea.

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Classifica: Inghilterra 10; Australia 5; Italia 4; Argentina 0. Dopo Samoa-Tonga ad Apia e Figi-Italia a Suva disputate nella notte (tra gli azzurri rinnovo biennale con le Zebre per Sarto e Venditti), oggi i test internazionali propongono grandi sfide. Carter in seconda linea, tra i transalpini Michalak n. 10). Poi Sudafrica-World XV a Citta del Capo: tra gli Springboks all’ala primo cap di C. Hendricks; nella selezione guidata da Nick Mallett, stelle come O’Connor e Giteau. Quindi Argentina-Irlanda a Resistencia (tra i Pumas debutto del pilone Herrera, tra i Verdi del flanker Diack). Infine, nella notte italiana, Canada-Giappone a Vancouver e Stati Uniti-Scozia a Houston; tra gli ospiti esordi di Russell (apertura), Cowan (flanker) e Reid (pilone). (r. . A Baku, nella prima giornata di finale delle World Series (quarta edizione) i Cuba Domadores chiudono in vantaggio (3-2) sui padroni di casa degli Azerbaigian Baku Fires. I due successi azeri grazie all’ottimo gallo Gurbanov che di stretta misura, ma giustamente, ha saputo essere piu preciso contro il rapido ma poco concreto Yera, terza scelta cubana. Successo sofferto per il superleggero Gadzhialiyev, di fronte all’esperto e titolato Toledo, a sua volta incapace di dare l’impronta del campione, perdendo il quinto e decisivo round.

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Their application in MEMS and NEMS are specially interesting. 4 Nanocomposites of NdFeB in epoxy resins,65,66 and earth alloys in polyimides67 have shown a high performance for these applications. Magnetic nanocomposites are also employed in soft magnetic materials due to their extremely low hysteresis loss. Materials with high microwave permeability There is a strong demand of materials with a high permeability and a low power loss at high frequencies in order to improve the performance of electromagnetic devices such as small power converters, inductors and antennas in communi- cations technology,68 magnetic shielding,69 and microwave absorbers for civil and military purposes. 9 The microwave properties of a magnetic material are determined by the ferromagnetic resonance. Nanocomposite polymer gels show striking phenomena in response to impressed magnetic fields: giant deformational effects, high elasticity, anisotropic properties, temporary reinforcement and quick response to magnetic field. 5 Gels of this type have been prepared from hydroxypropyl cellulose and magnetite. 6 Multifunctional materials Multifunctional materials are basic ingredients in the design of modern sensors and devices. Some of the many possibilities of combination of magnetism with other property in a polymer nanocomposites are: Conductive magnetic materials are useful in the fabrication of sensors anddevices. 7 They consist of magnetic nanoparticles in a conductive polymer matrix. A charge transfer can be established between the particle surface and the polymer, so that the material acts as a united electronic system. 8 Some proposed compositions are: magnetite-polyanyline,78,79 maghemite-polypyrrole,80 cobalt ferrite- polypyrrole,81 and several metal-polymer combinations. 5 Transparent magnetic materials.

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So I think they had to stay for a week but, in the middle of the night the girl she sees all the girls in one room dying as she's using the bathroom she has a vision. So she panics and run to the room and everyone is asleep and so she explains to the guy she seen it happen and she was ready to leave. The scientist no where to be found because he locked himself in a glass concealment to only be blowed up later in the movie. The scientist knew of it he had tested on a patient years ago and the patient drew out people's deaths. A few people escaped and went to the car, 2 went back in and one stayed an then he got out the car to go to the garage, then on his way back he kept predicting his death on every route he was taking. At the end I think the girl fights with the man that has had the same injection and they were by a pool predicting each other's next move. (It's not facility or final destination or bloodwork or the experiment ). Later on in the movie, a guy is chasing the girl and puts an axe in the door and tells the little girl that she doesn't have to be scared anymore. I know it's not the shining that's all I have so far. Would it be at all possible for you to reply to this with the link included in the reply. I’m sorry to be a hassle and I’m sure you get these silly questions all the time. Cheers. She starts to unravel when she receives an emergency call from a terrified child she believes is the dead girl from her recurring nightmare.

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Speed goes back to normal once Drogon comes up behind them, threatening the monster with a warm roar. But suddenly Jon lets go of Dany and walks up to the creature, and manages to stroke its cold cheek. It's the deep place where the ice dragon had been resting for decades and decades. They find a box with a Targaryen armor in it, another gift to the Stark. They hear roars of joy and as they look up to the sky, they see Drogon and the Ice Dragon flying together. So the Exiled prepare their journey to King's Landing. Sansa goes to Arya's door again to tell her they'll leave soon. She tells her they all have responsability in some people's deaths, explaining that she blames herself for their dad's. Then she leaves. As she later rides out with the foreguard of the gigantic caravan, she is told by Brienne that Arya indeed left her room. Sansa is relieved. In the cell of Casterly Rock, Missandei has a panick attack. But Tyrion tells her she'll be fine, cause they're too valuable as hostages.

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Of the trees. Because he was a loyal targ. lso believe he was one In mad kings head telling him to burn them all. he. aven was there. When bran was pushed out the tower. Laughing tree, tricks. yanna. stark into. oining tourney where she won. Think her and rheagal run off All not proven. ut something there. nyone have.

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Hoy (2008) is a decorative semi-uncial font whose name derives from one of the Orkney Islands. Spiggie (2008) is an art deco sans-serif, named for a Shetland beach. P22 Coda Pro (2009) is a simple slightly artsy sans family. P22 Ornes Pro (2010) is inspired by the runic alphabet with ornamentation based on the woodcarvings of the Urnes Stave Church (Norway), an old wooden church dating back to 1150 CE. P22 Speyside (2010) is a round, curved and controlled sans serif with an additional set of decorated uppercase letters, initials and small caps. The font is inspired by the local handicraft at a small place in Tobago called Speyside, the batik in particular. The delightful P22 Speyside Light Initials typeface is for fish lovers. An art deco typeface family that has some stencil styles. German designer of Linotype IrishText ( 1997 ), a Gaelic uncial. Dungiven, Londonderry, Northern Ireland-based designer of these typefaces: Bank (2017: layered and arched), Locus Sans (2017: layered all caps rounded sans), Erin (2017: uncial Celtic style). The classification from the Typedia community: Blackletter Fraktur: A German form of Blackletter with broken strokes. Rotunda: A Blackletter style featuring wider lowercase with more rounded strokes. Schwabacher: A German form of Blackletter with simplified, rounded strokes.