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Once they have the blood, its no problem for Bran to take control of Euron. The only piece left to confirm this, I believe, is some event in Euron's life that would make him, and not Aeron or even Balon non susceptible for this. Obviously if it was blood that was all it took Bran could've simply inceptioned Balon into helping Robb, and this shit would've never happened. But maybe if that didn't happen the Brain wouldn't have gone north, and then Snake would've created a time paradox killing Ocelot and all that shit. Maybe Euron just had more power and it was simpler controlling him.


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Dragonglass at Dragonstone was planted in season 5, while the shards were introduced as early season 2. Even Samwell Tarly’s discovery of it at Dragonstone in the season 7 premiere included a direct callback to a previous conversation about it. That event occurred in Game of Thrones ’ second episode, and the blade appeared multiple times throughout season 1 before showing up as an illustration in one of Sam’s stolen library books. Plus, Euron wouldn’t need to lead a horn in with a rope. But it fits far more than the others as far as payoff goes.