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Very sophisticated creamy coconuty scent indulgent gardenia, and ginger spice kick at the start. The dry down is equally voluptuous, with intense dollops of spicy amber and vanillic sandalwood, and only a sheer hint of musk for contrast. And indeed, it turned out to be a complex task to combine freshness with a warm and long lasting sensuality. In my opinion AC is a citrus,leather,aromatic scent. I keep this bottle in my fall and winter rotations. here's 8 notes listed in this composition. In the heart I get star anise and olive blossoms(I know what olives smell like but not blossoms LoL). In the dry down I get the leather,tobacco and tonka beans. To my nose, the leather and star anise are prominent throughout this composition. The sillage off my skin, it radiates within my personal space. It has this mature,dark,mysterious vibe.

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The rest shows some more unexplained photos where people can be seen, but who weren't there when the photo was taken. This ones my fave? Do you think it being for the VHS makes it more, or less cool? I love this trilogy. I seen these images ages ago and whilst flipping through them I realised how they line up perfectly. I very probably won't make every single one (just imagine that karate kid is my next one) but it'd me super fun to try different drawing styles so stay tuned! This may be a long post but I would love to say a lot. I am truly flattered that I have so many followers. I love interacting with you and wish I had more time to talk film, TV and collecting with you all. I honestly don't know how many times I have seen it. Queuing for ages and saving up to buy an autograph or photograph is worth it for that snapshot where you get to meet one of your idols.

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If your goal is to nab as many as possible, which do you go for. The grounded one, thus ensuring that the other two will flee before you get the chance to spear them, or the flying ones that will be taken off-guard. Im a big Fanboy i did researched so much for this show. But sorry you guys almost sound like all fanboys are the same lol I always like to talk about critics and stuff and sometimes i try defend certain stuff but yeah i really liked this episode but i do understand the critic on it and im not whinching about the critics actually i really like that. Just saying. Nice Review though. Pred rokem SantaClaws Maybe he feels the horse can't carry Jon AND Benjen in the thick cold snow quick enough. Pred rokem Lord Shaodeus Was fun b movie action Pred rokem Rajasekhar mittapalli They clocked the whites successfully because night king allowed them. Night king can't get pass the wall without a dragon if he can he would have done it already. The only explanation is night king is the lord of the light. He showed visions to hound so that they can bring jon to the place where he wants them to be.

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WMA to MP3 is an easy, efficient, fast yet FREE WMA to MP3 converter. It is capable of converting WMA WMA To MP3 Converter - Convert WMA To MP3 Easily And Quickly. In this manual. Need to access completely for Ebook PDF kymco venox service manual english. Access the official Cyclepedia KYMCO Venox service manual now for information on how to properly service and troubleshoot your KYMCO Venox Kymco Venox Workshop Service Repair Manual Pdf. We have made it easy for you to find a PDF Ebooks without any digging. VEVO ( The information and specifications stated in this manual are for reference. Need to access completely for Ebook PDF kymco venox service repair manual sesog. The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide, FAQ, unlockables, tricks, and secrets for Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker for PSP. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Cheats Walker Unlockables. Light Gray, Chest: Peace Walker Logo crest, Left Arm: MSF Logo, Back: Big Boss Art.

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Legend has it that when Syracuse was eventually takenthe Roman soldiers entered Archimedes house as he wastrying to solve a geometrical problem. He had just beendrawing some figures on the floor of his house when thesoldiers entered. In the UK there were a series of adverts for the AA(Automobile Association) where people were in variousdire motoring trouble. They were asked by a passenger(say) if they knew how to get out of it. But I know a man who can. or No. But Iknow a man who does. Brutha goes on to describe the Puzuma as having its earslaid flat against its head. Discussions on a. . .

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A prominent member of a theatrical club in 44th street has lain, at- a sanatorium for many weeks,' evidently forgotten by those he has so often graciously entertained. Sable formed a deep band at the bottom of the coat, with collars and cuffs of the same fur. Later MisY Friganza loked striking in a loosely made gown of black velvet, patterned in steel beads with tassels. The, hat had silver tassels hanging from the brim, with black paradise in front. They make Miss Mosconi's limbs appear mUch thinner. Her dresses are all made very much after the same style, short with high neck and bare back. A white skirt, opening in front, displayed dainty royal blue knickers laced, at the side in silver. The bodice was trimmed in blue beads, forming squares. Another gown that looked sweet was green taffeta, underlined in black. Large hats were worn, having blue streamers each side. Effective dresses were those representing shamrocks made of the leaves.

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Dave liked Louis so much that he hired him as a writer. Louis worked on Late Show for 3 months until he became the Producer and Head Writer of the Dana Carvey Show on ABC. This show was a very irreverent scetch show on a family network and only lasted six weeks. Meanwhile, as far as Stand up, Louis appeared on Letterman and Conan several times over the next few years. He also appeared on the HBO Young Comedian’s Special in 1995. And he got hired as a Producer and writer on the Chris Rock Show on HBO. That summer, Louis was given a development deal by Castle Rock and CBS, he and Spike Feresten (Seinfeld) co-wrote a sitcom entitled “Boomtown” which they read for Les Moonves, who did not decide that it was good. An independant Black and white film called “Tomorrow Night” Louis Wrote, directed and Produced this film with next to no money. Tomorrow Night was shown at the Sundance Film Festival, the South by Southwest fest, the Seatlle Film Fest, Hamptons, Goteborg and more. He did many TV appearances as a stand up in this year too. Also, in 1999, he starred in a show syndicated on PBS called “Short Cuts” where he introduced Short films and showed people how to make their own.

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Couldn’t you call that Lovecraftian monster Azathoth “Bubbles” as a nickname. I really do feel like some kind of “force from beyond” is controlling me, Land, and a handful of other meatpuppets. I want to wake up HOLDing the CUTIE, spooning her, if you will. I like being able to squeeze the face with both hands and lick the tonsils. You would resort to physical violence for my TAUNTS, that’s just how pathetic YOU are. But go ahead and keep me shadowbanned for being better than you betabitchboy. You too Land. Steal my memes for years and never give me credit. I’m, as you know, already in a relationship, with you-know-who. I am going to murder someone with a footlong dick, cut it off, and get my mad scientist surgeon friend to attach it to my stump in a backalley! YASSSSS.

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She has to put up with him because he did help save Winterfell. I don't think Sansa will allow Petyr to come between the Stark family. She must harbor some deep resentment; Baelish orchestrated her Ramsay nightmare. She ain't about to share her power with anyone including Jaime. I'm also hoping that one of her brothers kills her before she blows up the entire King's Landing area. In the book they mention it a few times but in the show they haven't mentioned it all so I doubt they'll use it. I'm not convinced that's Nymeria yet, maybe a member of her pack because the markings look kind of different. Probably great allies so long as she's in the Riverlands, but will have to say farewell again if she goes all the way down to King's Landing. It's a fair chunk of their FX budget to animate a bunch of wolves-- I suspect they'll be frugal with it here. I felt like he could have (at the very least) been sleeping at Jon's feet in the Hall, but even that costs money. She had her eyes on their weapons, and I think she's thieving to get by, though she certainly could have stolen a lot of money from the Freys while she was at the Twins if she had bothered.

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This is profoundly mistaken: if you address Premise, it's Narrativist play. Period. If the Exploration involved, no matter how intensive, hones and focuses that addressing-Premise process, then that Exploration is still Narrativist, not Simulationist. That's why Feng Shui and Hong Kong Action Theater are hard-core, no-ambiguity Simulationist-facilitating games including their explicit homage to specific cinematic stories, and that's why The Dying Earth facilitates Narrativist play, because its Situations are loaded with the requirement for satirical, judgmental input on the part of the players. I think some people who claim to desire such a goal in play are simply looking for Narrativism with a very strong Explorative chassis, and that the goal is not elusive at all. The key to finding it is to stop reinforcing Simulationist approaches to play. Simulationist play works as an underpinning to Narrativist play, insofar as bits or sub-scenes of play can shift into extensive set-up or reinforcers for upcoming Bang-oriented moments. Such scenes or details can take on an interest of their own, as with the many pages describing military hardware in a Tom Clancy novel. It's a bit risky, as one can attract (e. . hardware-nuts who care very little for Premise as well as Premise-nuts who get bored by one too many hardware-pages, and end up pleasing neither enough to attract them further.

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% of American neighborhoods). Mott Haven is home to Lincoln Hospital on 149 Street between Park and Morris Avenues. It’s pure that buyers ought to flip to the South Bronx—house to neighborhoods like Mott Haven and Port Morris—to convert warehouse and industrial buildings into loft office spaces. As a part of the broader improvement of the decrease Grand Concourse section of the South Bronx, Garrison Playground, adjoining to the development web site, might be rehabilitated and re-opened to the public. South Bronx Unite has also turned their attention in current months to a different important challenge dealing with their neighborhood: gentrification. At the moment, the neighborhood is house to the biggest food distribution heart on the planet—the Hunts Level Cooperative Market The neighborhood provides an eclectic mixture of cuisines——together with Mexican, Dominican, Caribbean and Asian—and purchasing alongside Hunts Point Avenue—its principal thoroughfare. It’s no surprise that gross sales of Mott Haven’s historic properties are through the roof, mentioned Bronx historian Lloyd Ultan. In 1849, Jordan Mott, inventor of the primary efficient coal stove, founded the Mott Iron Works on the banks of the Harlem River in what’s immediately generally known as the South Bronx. Common market hire is completely developed by NeighborhoodScout. At present the North Bronx-South Bronx distinction remains extra frequent than the standard East Bronx-West Bronx distinction, and some still regard Fordham Highway because the boundary. Though the Bronx is home to one of the poorest congressional districts, New York’s fifteenth district that includes the South Bronx, rent hikes in the Bronx are outpacing these of its neighbors to the south, according to knowledge collected by NeighborhoodX, a real estate knowledge startup.