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I think artists like Richard Long concentrated on a romanticised timelessness, but the rural landscape is not timeless. It contains traces of earlier occupancy which propels us backwards and forwards in time. In a very simple form psychogeo is an approach to the urban environment which seeks to engage with “magical” experience, a kind of dreamtime, in the sense that it breaks through the norms of capitalist exploitation of space. The idea of rambling, of free association taken off the page and into the real world, emerged as a reaction to the homogenisation of urban spaces. I’m a rural dweller who engages with information systems.

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I would assume it works similar outside of the US; so the audience is limited. There’s no point making those sort of comparisons. I think it is white on a black background and we are seeing the bottom two broken cuffs behind Sansa. Davos protects the body in the room because they want to burn jons body. He comes in acting like a friend but says sorry I am violent as you know assholes haha no one as a world renown pirate isn’t good with a blade.


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We’ll let you know if we hack something inspired by this post. This could be a potentially awesome campaign to send over to Kickstarter or some sort of crowd funding to fund the trip! How fun. No, we probably won’t do this one, but it is good for ideas. Usually there are some planned destinations in our trip to visit family and friends.