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There is exactly that rough edge around the music that I like. Be it a wacky sound from a synth, a field recording of insects or voice sampled from television. With a handful of relevant releases published on the renown Hau Ruck. This first full length delivers a visceral and tripped out apocalyptic soundtrack where death industrial patterns meet minimal synth pop and typical schemes of industrial music culture. This work is reminiscence of early SPK or Whitehouse, Throbbing Gristle, Maurizio Bianchi, Missing Foundation’s electronic assaults and fuzzed out vibes with an inclination for trance-infusing machine drums which emphasize the blackened-cerebral of the ensemble.


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I could write one, and I have ideas I could develop into a sequel for Rose, but I don’t want to return to the world of Rose just yet. Especially when I can’t guarantee I can make the story better or on par with the original so soon after finishing the original. Yeah, I know there are a couple of big fans of that trilogy who want the final book, Full Circle, already (I know a few of you are probably out there), but I’m just not ready to get back to that yet. Think of it like houses: I don’t want to try selling Castrum on a house that’s basically the same one they bought, just on a different block and with a different coat of paint. None of those are carbon copies of the other, so I want to do something very distinct from Rose.